Thursday, July 27, 2017

Day 1-2: St. Louis, USA to Penang, Malaysia

For the first time ever I have set "out of office" notices on my email accounts.  It feels so good to completely push aside all worry and work.  Here's to life!  To seeing the world and new experiences!  But, first I must endure a little bit more...over thirty-six hours in transit to be exact.  Malaysia here we come!

Departing STL.

JFK to Taipei, Taiwan.  Expected flight duration 15 hrs and 55 minutes.  😬
Free Booties!
Meal #1
China Airlines VIP lounge Taipei International Airport.
Enjoying the VIP lounge during the layover in Taipei.
No premium economy section on this flight so we got the automatic upgrade to Business class.
Champagne toast to a successful journey so far!
One more flight after this!

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