Monday, July 31, 2017

Day 4: Snake Temple, Kek Lok Si Buddhist Temple, Street Food

We spent our last day in Penang taking in a few more sights and enjoying the food scene.  Penang is a large island and includes the city of Georgetown where we stayed.  Penang has a mixture of Muslim and Buddhist influence, but Georgetown remains rich in colonial heritage from the days of British rule (lots of old buildings with European style architecture).  This is also why most people speak a fair amount of English here. 

The Snake Temple
A boa and a defanged pit viper (I'm assuming). ­čśČ
Snakes chilling out.

Malayan pit viper (similar to the North American "copperhead").
Mangrove pit viper.
Kek Lok Si Buddhist Temple.  Our Uber driver's car barely made it up the steep hill to get here. 
Jungle behind Kek Lok Si Buddhist Temple.
Kek Lok Si Temple.
Jan-Michael and his Dragon.
Me and my Ox.
Overlooking Penang.
Kek Lok Si Temple grounds.  Right after a brief rain.

Massive statue at the temple.  Way bigger than it appears in this photo.
We donated a new roof tile to the temple in our family name.

Earning Buddha's favor.
One of many gorgeous gardens at the Temple.
The famous Restoran Kimberly Kway Chap Food Stall.
The famous Restoran Kimberly Kway Chap Food Stall.
Duck Kway Chap.  Duck meat with pig ear, tongue, and innards.  I swear the lady said something about coagulated blood too.  Also a braised whole egg and flour noodles in broth.  Surprisingly delicious!

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