Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Day 5: Kuala Lumpur, Batu and Dark Caves, Lot 10, Petronas Twin Towers

We traveled back to Kuala Lumpur this morning where we will stay for 2 days.  After checking in to the hotel we headed to Batu Caves and the neighboring Dark Caves.  Later we grabbed some food at the nearby mall called Lot 10 before walking to the Petronas Twin Towers for our scheduled tour.

Batu Caves.  A Hindu golden monument stands at the entrance.

Getting to the actual caves required walking up several hundred steep stairs.  I brought a sarong along so I didn't have to pay a dollar to rent one at the bottom. (Women must cover their knees). 

Near the top we were greeted by a group of monkeys begging for drinks and snacks.  Jan-Michael quickly discovered his new passion for taking pictures of monkeys.  Soon the big American white man photographing monkeys became its own attraction for those walking by.
Another one of his hundred monkey photos. A monkey researcher from UC San Diego even stopped him to ask him survey questions about his opinions on the treatment of monkeys.

We moved to the nearby Dark Caves and took a spelunking tour.  Included were stinky hard hats for protection from bat droppings and a small flashlight.

We came across many insects and a sick bat that was on the ground.  The experienced tour guide picked him up and relocated him to a safe place.

Later we stopped by the popular food court in the nearby mall to grab some food.  We gobbled up a delicious noodle dish called Fried Hokkien Mee.  JM went for the added peppers because sweating all day wasn't enough.

Everywhere we go there are signs advertising a prickly fruit called durian which is in season.  It has a pungent odor and there have been signs in both of our hotels banning it inside the building.  We gave durian cendol and shaved ice a try.  It was not delicious. 👎
The tour of Petronas Twin Towers first took us to the sky bridge connecting the two buildings half way up.
Next we went to the 86th floor where we watched the sunset over the city.
Sunset over Kuala Lumpur.

JM admiring the view.

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